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Favorite Encouraging Podcasts

I listen to a lot of audio content: sermons, lectures, books, etc. Over the years some episodes/sermons/lectures/conferences have been particularly encouraging, and I have compiled all the ones that are freely published (not ones I have paid for) here for others. I won’t bother with disclaimers about this or that person or topic. I got […]

Reading Plans, Part 3

I gave up on my previous work to create a chronological M’Cheyne reading plan. The four independent streams made the reading too fractured. Instead we went back to reading the “Battle” plan, and I added a new by-day-of-the-week Psalm reading: Sunday: Psalm 19 Monday: Psalm 1, 15 Tuesday: Psalm 23, 121 Wednesday: Psalm 25 Thursday: […]

Reading Plans, Part 2

This year we began using the M’Cheyne reading plan as a family, breaking our reading into four times during the day. I wrote about this earlier. It is a more complicated reading program, but I really like that we are continually returning to God’s Word throughout the day. What I really miss is reading the […]

Reading Plans

Each morning we read our Bible together as a family. The last two years we have been following a “through the Bible in a year” plan, and it has been an eye-opener to read it all so close together. We intend to continue this.