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A Friend’s Blog

I recently rediscovered a dear friend’s blog, which had fallen off my radar. Mike Beck is more eloquent than I, and while I am still trying to digest everything he says, I pretty much end up saying a hearty “Amen!” at the end. Here are some of my favorite posts: My Personal Definition of God […]

To Save Men or to Glorify Himself

I found a recording of a sermon from a church in Arizona entitled “Right Thinking About Missions.” The church is going through the book of Romans, and in Romans 10 their Pastor Adam Roland turns aside for just a moment (OK, most of the sermon) to address a very important question: Is God’s ultimate purpose […]

Southern Baptists Adopt Plan to Appeal to Minorities

The New York Times ran an article called Southern Baptists Adopt Plan to Appeal to Minorities, and I could see trouble right from the start—not with the article but with the state of affairs on which it was reporting. Quote: “Southern Baptists Adopt Plan to Appeal to Minorities” Problem: The only “appeal” any church organization […]


A friend of mine recently preached a sermon on Denominationalism (mp3), and it got me thinking about some misgivings I have often had. He and I both seem to have an aversion to people identifying strongly with a denomination. Of course it would help to define “denominationalism,” but we’ll leave that be for the moment. […]