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Reading Plans, Part 2

This year we began using the M’Cheyne reading plan as a family, breaking our reading into four times during the day. I wrote about this earlier. It is a more complicated reading program, but I really like that we are continually returning to God’s Word throughout the day.

What I really miss is reading the Bible chronologically. The M’Cheyne arrangement is simply ordered according to the standard arrangement. I really see the disservice of this after reading the plan by Battle, which is chronologically arranged.

To that end, I am working on a chronological M’Cheyne reading plan that merges the two. I hope to begin using it next year (2013). I will post it either this year, with many disclaimers about it needing to be ironed out, or just wait until next year and post it in time for 2014, after some inevitable bugs are worked out.

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