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A Friend’s Blog

I recently rediscovered a dear friend’s blog, which had fallen off my radar. Mike Beck is more eloquent than I, and while I am still trying to digest everything he says, I pretty much end up saying a hearty “Amen!” at the end. Here are some of my favorite posts:

My Personal Definition of God
What a beautiful summary! We do not serve a God of our own devising or an unknowable God. He is a magnificent God, and He reveals much about Himself to us
The Bible: Inspiration and Inerrancy
A beautiful defense of the Word and what we can and do know about it.
Choosing a Church
Amen! This is a tough thing about moving around every few years.
Under the Law
Well here is no light topic. I am still processing this one, and definitions can really mess us up here.

I hope you consider reading these and that they move you to a better understanding of God.

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