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Monthly Archives: June 2011

A Friend’s Blog

I recently rediscovered a dear friend’s blog, which had fallen off my radar. Mike Beck is more eloquent than I, and while I am still trying to digest everything he says, I pretty much end up saying a hearty “Amen!” at the end. Here are some of my favorite posts: My Personal Definition of God […]

To Save Men or to Glorify Himself

I found a recording of a sermon from a church in Arizona entitled “Right Thinking About Missions.” The church is going through the book of Romans, and in Romans 10 their Pastor Adam Roland turns aside for just a moment (OK, most of the sermon) to address a very important question: Is God’s ultimate purpose […]

A Congressman Resigns

I do not consider political leaders for whom I would not vote “enemies,” but I meet the recent scandal in Congress and the recent announcement of a representative stepping down with humility and sadness of heart. I am reminded of the following verse: Do not rejoice when your enemy falls, And do not let your […]

Reading Plans

Each morning we read our Bible together as a family. The last two years we have been following a “through the Bible in a year” plan, and it has been an eye-opener to read it all so close together. We intend to continue this.

Southern Baptists Adopt Plan to Appeal to Minorities

The New York Times ran an article called Southern Baptists Adopt Plan to Appeal to Minorities, and I could see trouble right from the start—not with the article but with the state of affairs on which it was reporting. Quote: “Southern Baptists Adopt Plan to Appeal to Minorities” Problem: The only “appeal” any church organization […]


A friend of mine recently preached a sermon on Denominationalism (mp3), and it got me thinking about some misgivings I have often had. He and I both seem to have an aversion to people identifying strongly with a denomination. Of course it would help to define “denominationalism,” but we’ll leave that be for the moment. […]